Lush Plants. Lovely Gifts. Friendly Folks.

Here's what we believe:

  • Your home should be a place of comfort and beauty. You don't need much to make this a reality.
  • Shopping for gifts should be fun & inspiring... not the thing you dread because you have no time.
  • You need more plants! They clean the air, they calm your mind, and they make your life more beautiful.

Radish is an oasis of beauty in Petaluma, CA. We want you to feel like your home is an oasis, too. So we supply you with lush plants and beautiful objects, like our Sari Throw Blankets from a Fair Trade co-op in India, that will make your home more comfortable and make you want to invite your friends over for cozy evenings with cocktails and good conversation.

Our boutique makes gift shopping fun and caters to all of your gift giving needs with a unique selection of handcrafted jewelry, scented candles, home bar tools, cocktail mixers, journals, mugs, tea towels, artwork, and more. Browsing our shelves is a journey, and if you take a few minutes to really look, you'll discover unique trinkets tucked away throughout the store.

We also love plants and we want you to have more plants in your life, so we make it easy to become a plant-lover.Our selection of lush (and hard-to-kill) houseplants and succulents will inspire you to transform your home into a jungle. If you find a plant and a pot you love, we'll pot it up for you on the spot. Want to give succulents as a gift? We'll help you design an arrangement and we'll create it for you while you wait. We also provide care information on request for all of our plants, so you always know just what to do to keep them happy.

If you love your reputation as a great gift-giver, or you love plants, or both, you'll love Radish.

Love this home and garden shop! In addition to succulents, air plants, terrariums, cute planters and the like, there’s also an assortment of gifts (scarves, candles, jewelry, etc).
— Sarah B.

About the Owner


Bay Area native Brandi Chalker is a former black-thumb, now Crazy Plant Lady, who is passionate about sharing her love of plants.

Brandi's experience in retail and in plant design make her uniquely suited to run Radish. In 2010, she opened Urban Bazaar, a Fair Trade & locally handmade gift shop in San Francisco. While at Urban Bazaar, she discovered a love for succulents after being surprised that she was able to keep them alive, and she began selling terrariums and teaching workshops at the store. She opened a succulent nursery in the store's backyard and created San Francisco's first DIY succulent planting station, called The Succulent Bar.

She left Urban Bazaar in 2012 to launch Sunshine & Succulents, through which she teaches creative botanical workshops. Her public workshops, which are taught in San Francisco, Sonoma, and Petaluma include Succulent Terrariums, Macrame Plant Hangers, and Natural Sugar Scrubs. She also teaches corporate team building workshops for clients such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and AirBnB.

In 2015, Brandi, her husband, and their dog moved from San Francisco to Petaluma, where Brandi was born. Looking to put down roots again with a brick and mortar space for her business, Brandi jumped at the opportunity to take ownership of Radish. She's excited to bring something a little different to Petaluma, and loves hearing her customers exclaim, "I wish my house looked like this!" when they walk into the store for the first time.

The owner, Brandi, is so great! She hosted a private Terrarium Workshop at her store after hours for me and it was a blast! We had seven gals and all got to make a beautiful terrarium with succulents- and she took the time to teach us the proper care and maintenance, too.
— Chelsea S.